a truth called nothing is a music procedure you might just enjoy.

The electronic art-rock indie-stadium rock band, a truth called nothing, is made up of contrasts: they combine hi-fi with lo-fi, religion with atheism, death with joy. The band was formed at the brink of the new millennium, and has since its conception managed to subvert and bastardize many, many trends and fetishes of the modern/post-postmodern world. As they said on their debut album: fuck society.
The two young gentlemen commanding this ship of social and emotional misfits, Sobranie and Lundgren, both suffer from the aftermaths of their total disillusionment with the cultural state of today, remember the old Chinese proverb: pop-music is going straight to hell. They write to give, to give!
atruthcallednothing’s music is available on several different platforms but the pioneers (Soundcloud and Spotify) and the funky bandcamp are preferred.

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