Intensifying Hearts & Dreams

Enjoy a closer look at this long-running telenovela! Follow the dreams, the love and the adventures of the members of the Intensifying Hearts Club & Leisure Center.

ACT 1: Intensifying Hearts & Dreams

Chapter 1  Has Pjaltur had an affair? Marcia thinks so and she is furious! Angél Gabriél appears and he brings game changing news. What will happen next?

Chapter 2 Marcia is devastated. Salina and Monica are there. The intensity is rising and the plot thickens. Angél Gabriél is in the wrong place at the wrong time. What will happen next?

Chapter 3 Dr Adamson, Daddy, and Angél Gabriél are having a divine time. But how is Frank?

Chapter 4 The matriarch, Madame Morganna, has arrived. She has a conflicted past with Daddy and she is speaking to Monica. Angél Gabriél appears in the least expected place. What will happen next?

Chapter 5  Salina and Pastor Jing are chatting in the parking lot. A Mysterymask appears and everything gets turned upside down. Is Angél Gabriél going to appear and what will happen next?

Chapter 6 Daddy and Frank are walking in a park. A riveting conversation. Spectacular discourse. What will happen next?

Chapter 7 Marcia is devastated and she visits Dr Adamson. The Mayor and Mystery Mask enter, an intense argument arises between them and an earthmoving plot unravels. Do you want to know more?

Chapter 8 In a dark, ominous and metaphysical room Daddy and (guess who? yeah of course!) Angél Gabriél are confronted by mysterious, secretive and unimaginably powerful forces. What is happening? Why are they here? …and will they make it out alive??

Chapter 9 It’s a new season and EVERYONE is terribly EXCITED! The mood in town is the mood of autumn. But why is everyone sad? Is it because the editor complains all the time or is it because a goddess has arrived in town? But what is the story? Is the story the story? Are we us, or and is the story the story or is the story us? And! Who is this gorgeous woman …

Chapter 10 The plot is thickening, the intensity is rising – it is = Intensifying Hearts … and … Dreams! Frank is here and he is singing. What is going on? Give me steel and give me unreal pulsars for we will be living from sin. Please savior save us! There’s a meeting in a doorway. Is it you, putting pain in a stranger? Who is it in the portrait in flesh? Boys and girls – read and find out!

Chapter 11 HELL GOD BABY DAMN! IT’S MODERN LOVE. A completely different set of drape runners, a different beach and different lovers. Who are they? These new people; Penelope, Professor Spectre, Marvin Mason, and Leo? Will it be trouble or will it be sex or will it be double?

Chapter 12 In a sunny town, the rich, beautiful and supernatural are fighting for fame, love, power and sole access to a mysterious plane beyond time and understanding. A journey begins and you are cordially invited to the Intensifying Hearts and Dreams Club!

Chapter 13 We’re inside Frank’s dream and nothing is what it’s supposed to. We find ourselves at a monastery where Frank is conversing with a monk when the mystical Inspecting Eagles from God appear. What will happen next?

Chapter 14 Following an intense visit to the metaphysical, let’s circle back, dear reader, to the story proper and take a look at the goings-on!! Dr Adamson is under intense pressure and is not having it. Will Angél Gabriél be able to help him, and who is plotting behind the dark Chinese curtains!?

Chapter 15 The Mayor is hot on the heels of the supernatural. He is in a discussion with Paulette and no one knows what happens then. Do you have a chair and some popcorn??

Chapter 16 Daddy and Nicky share appetizers at the club. Dr Adamson circles their hypothetical conversation like a metaphorical vulture. They shift gears and dive into the main course… What will happen when Professor Spectre appears??

Chapter 17 A virtual smorgasbord of characters, a greatest hits record of who’s who among the rich, powerful and famous. What are they going to deal with? What are they going to do? An intense discussion erupts as the unthinkable slowly unravels.

Chapter 18 A funny man messes with the concept art. Then we head to the wine lounge!

Chapter 19 Madame Morganna is sitting in an empty lobby. Dr Adamson and Pollyanna enter. They sit down and engage. What will happen next?

Chapter 20 Marcia and Pastor Jing meet over drinks and audits. Who is Marcia, really? Let’s find out!

Chapter 21

Chapter 22

Chapter 23

Chapter 24

Chapter 25

Chapter 26

Interlude: The Story So Far

ACT 2: Invasive Hearts (coming soon)