Hi there! I’m Ray Sawyer and I’m the lead political analyst for the Grand Lodge of Masons’ Political Commentary on the Political Commentary Bureau – PCPCB. On this blog I’ll post you challenging questions and mind-blowing analysis on present commentary on present political events!boxes2 copy3

We will be discussing different political commentary here, like this for example. Right now our focus is on the work our intern and blogger Simon Johnson is occupied with – DEALBREAKERS!!! – where he will list all DEALBREAKERS Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump has said and done that is a complete DEALBREAKER when coming to holding the office of President for the United States (or any other state for that matter). Our DEALBREAKERS are items that when singled out. They would be enough to say “I might agree with the ideas for society Republicans advocate but I cannot vote for someone who:

  1. Lies about absolutely everything and nothing he says can ever be fully trusted
  2. Doesn’t understand the unique and devastating power of nuclear weapons
  3. Float the idea of murdering your opponent because you disagree with her policys.
  4. Do not understand fundamental concepts of economy
  5. Holds a fundamentally racist view of the world
  6. Has produced a budget no economist believe will ever work and communicated it’s content in such a terribly dishonest way the whole operation is criminally fraudulent
  7. Has deep ties to and is probably financially dependent on leading Russian oligarchs who are corrupt and insanely difficult & dangerous people

We will continue to post these as we find them. Particularly we would like to reach out to and encourage Rs to engage with us and how you reason about these DEALBREAKERS. We see the world of political commentary in terms of Policy and Implementation; Ambition and Pragmatism. Basically,

  • what do you want / where do you want society to go???
  • how can we get there / who is best at implementing this???
  • what can be reasonably be achieved???

In terms of the worlds largest ass, we understand people fall under bullet no 1. But have a harder time understanding how anyone (if you’re not David Duke or a billionaire) can believe Trump is the guy to get you there? (again, if you’re not David Duke, billionaires I guess can find a more competent candidate). That is being based on 1) he’s given no indication on that he’s actually concerned about the American people, and 2) has given every indication that he is not good at governing or 3) that he actually gives a fuck about any of this.

Let us know your thoughts on this!

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So long!