Your favorite band comments on the political commentary

Hi there! I’m Ray Sawyer and I’m the lead political analyst for the Grand Lodge of Masons’ Political Commentary on the Political Commentary Bureau – PCPCB. That is the blog where your favorite band explains challenging questions and mind-blowing analysis on present commentary on present political events!boxes2 copy3

We will be discussing different political commentary here, like this for example. Through our impeccable political analysis tools. We see the world of political commentary in terms of Policy and Implementation; Ambition and Pragmatism. Basically:

  • what do you want / where do you want society to go???
  • how can we get there / who is best at implementing this???
  • what can be reasonably be achieved???

In terms of the worlds largest ass, we understand people fall under bullet no 1. But have a harder time understanding how anyone (if you’re not David Duke or a billionaire) can believe Trump is the guy to get you there? (again, if you’re not David Duke, billionaires I guess can find a more competent candidate). That is being based on 1) he’s given no indication on that he’s actually concerned about the American people, and 2) has given every indication that he is not good at governing or 3) that he actually gives a fuck about any of this.

We’re exceptionally flexible and truth oriented here at ATCN, your favorite band, the Truth Lodge & all the Masons so we encourage people from all political bends to engage with us and explain why you believe what you believe.

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  5. Your favorite band loses it and presents a fairly list over all DEALBREAKERS!!! why Donald Trump is a pathetic and dangerous candidate but fails miserably in adding all – concludes the biggest DEALBREAKER!!! is it being so many you’ve not hit bottom when you’ve listed 117.
  6. Your favorite band tries drum up some enthusiasm for luke warm candidate HC 
  7. Your favorite band explains why you always lose when vote for trump
  8. Your favorite band apologizes to all Republicans because they cannot keep up with all Trump’s DEALBREAKERS!!!
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  10. Your favorite band explains why it’s a DEALBREAKER!!! your president want ”grab ’em by the pussy”
  11. Your favorite band explains why it’s a DEALBREAKER!!! to make up the world’s silliest lie about your medical condition
  12. Your favorite band explains why it’s a DEALBREAKER!!! that your president is a chronic (yes, chronic) liar
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  15. Your favorite band introduce Ray Sawyer, The Political Commentary on the Political Commentary Bureau (PCPCB) and the world’s only surreal think-tank

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