Something happened on the day he died (David Bowie one year ago)


We wrote these fragments a day after his death. We haven’t really looked at them since, but the idea came up to do a re-run on the one year anniversary and see what came out. One year later comments are in green. We recommend that you listen to either Scary Monsters, Let’s Dance or Heathen while reading this. Thank you. Sorry. Our condolences. /Adam & Sam

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Announcing the new EP by (a truth called nothing)

The unconventional convention of “interesting” thinking is upon us. The man with the mind of an ape, the hands of a child and the balls of a watermelon will take to the stage and announce just what is great, HUGE, awesome, terriffic, terrible, weak, Mexican, Muslim, and amazing.

OranguwhoTo celebrate the upcoming and much anticipated convent of huge, best and incredible thinking, we will release an EP called The Orange Orangutan’s Revenge this thursday, the 21th. It shall be the first in a series of EPs, which will trickle out of us somewhat often, all with 5 songs and based on different ideas. This first one is a deep collaboration with DJ Bo Blaze, the most artistic and rigorous DJ in all of the European mainland.

This record isn’t about Donald Trump, not really. It’s about the zeitgeist, it’s about the second wind of demagoguery, it’s about being here in the world right now, in the current time, in a corner of society. Join us and count down from five. Join the Deathlist.

Rock the Road – Conrad is thinking inside the box

Hi, I’m Nils. Rhymes with “gills”, for you foreigners. I’m serving as main roadie for the


Yeah! Rock the road!!

truthers, which is a difficult life, seein’ as I’m afflicted with a dwarfism most diminutive. This is one of my stories.

We’re standing outside the local watering hole in some strange town in some strange country. We’re at the stage of the tour where no one really pays any attention to that anymore. At least I don’t. I feel our night ain’t going nowhere. Adam and Sam are debating some horribly boring goddamn political farce crap, in this particularly pretensions way they have, and it’s driving me out of my mind. Continue reading