Music for the 20% Non-Believers

Here comes a preview from Science – Like Religion But Real, the upcoming a truth called nothing EP for the neglected atheist population of the world! In many markets, the theists make up as much as 80% of people. And they don’t exactly lack for music catering to their (let’s be honest – extremely strange and reality-denying) beliefs. Why should we continue to let the “christian music” mega-industry suppress our need to sing our appreciation for the evidence-based power of science and the glory of the natural world? After all, these things are true whether you believe in them or not!


Single sover by Adam Sobranie

Next week, we’ll ruminate these subjects to extensive detail and musical perfection in Science – Like Religion But Real, a five-song EP all about science, religion, god, man, robots, space, sex, simplicity, politics, Trump, walls, socialism, and so much more. For now, listen to this exclusive edit of the title track! And remember to “like”, “subscribe”, “comment”, “follow”, and all the other things one absolutely must ask for in compensation for nominally “free” musical services! And remember… Trust in science, feel good about the future, listen to a truth called nothing, and always, always rock the road.

Science – Like Religion But Real will be released on May 3rd, and it will be available on Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Bandcamp, and several other services. See you in a week!

/From the truth crew and all of us here at the BOF

2 thoughts on “Music for the 20% Non-Believers

  1. Good themes and memes and all that, and good luck with your entire project, but what if atheists don’t “trust” science any more than they trust an F-35, and aren’t particularly bullish on the climate catastrophe/anti-politics/economic inequality future?

    • Hi, thanks for the comment! Well, “trust in science” isn’t really meant to be taken that literally. While we are idealising science to some extent, we have also tried to address this kind of criticism, and with regard to the whole climate collapse/economic inequality, we have certainly taken those into account. All of this will be discussed in far more detail when the whole project releases next week, so I hope you’ll check back!
      Best regards, sam/atcn

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