Old Hits 2: More Old Hits

“Any requests?”


Cover drawing by Gunnar Samuelsson

1. Passing Between Inquiries

Rusty Doris named Don January abandoned in rubble in a self-evident posthumous future in a rusty servo droid of a nickname called Doris, the last one for all odds Activate times. We can interpret her song as an easy-to-understand idea emerging in real time from the system to understand the world. Or it is formed as a fragmented sentence during fate, and comes out randomly. In both methods, the result is exactly the same. A number of incorrect events that led us (finished) here.

Originally appears on Molten Net in Sun (2002)

2. It’s OK

Is it, though? Is it really? Guys? Help, guys, I don’t understand.

Originally appears on Hope (2005)

3. Mental Darkness

You can meet Jonathan Nash, the Misanthropic Disaster. He’s a dangerous philosopher and rock n roller. We know that the veil of darkness is thin as flour. Here’s a possible endgame. Just like our favourite revolutionary mr. Rex, Jonathan walked out of that djungle with changed views. But it was a metaphorical djungle, the djungle of the mind. The djungle of mental darkness.

Originally appears on “Molten Net in Sun” (2002)

4. Core

Contnuing the theme of the famous flour-thin veil of darkness, isn’t the possibility you’re losing your mind such a spiritual experience? Hence a very spiritual production style. This is among the Saintly Singles of olden yore.

Originally appears on “May 25th” (2003)

5. Massive

Sometimes it makes me shudder, the idea that some people in my life might discover my songs; what they might learn about me. Music: it has the unfortunate side-effect of bringing people together. Massive: over-reaching as an artform. Psychological malfunction as socially aware reform politics. Or something like that.

Originally appears on “Hope” (2005)


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