Letters to the truth, vol. 2: Atheism baby!


Hi! The word has spread far and wide that a truth called nothing are preparing to release a record about atheism (and indeed might already have done so if the monkey fuck computer would cooperate)! Hence, some of you have been wondering what’s up with that subject. So this is our Q&A session with our experts; Balthazar, Caspar and/or Melchior who’re gonna answer all questions you might have about God, Jesus or the Camelz. So let’s go!

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Letters to the Truth, vol. 1


Welcome to the first official mailbag, where different members of a truth called nothing, the Masons of Truth, and the BOF will answer your questions! For this first issue, we welcome atcn’s stalwart roadie, Nils Läggarblod!

If you have a question, mail it to truthnothing (at) gmail (dot) com, and if you’re featured on the site you will recieve a FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD!!!

Now let’s give the mic over to Nils! Talk to you soon, blessed readers.

Signed, Johannes Dalgren/ creative director, BOF Records

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