Letters to the Truth, vol. 1


Welcome to the first official mailbag, where different members of a truth called nothing, the Masons of Truth, and the BOF will answer your questions! For this first issue, we welcome atcn’s stalwart roadie, Nils Läggarblod!

If you have a question, mail it to truthnothing (at) gmail (dot) com, and if you’re featured on the site you will recieve a FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD!!!

Now let’s give the mic over to Nils! Talk to you soon, blessed readers.

Signed, Johannes Dalgren/ creative director, BOF Records

Dear a truth called nothing,

When will the next EP be released already!? We’ve been waiting for ages! I need more alternative rock to groove out to!

Cheers, Matthew Rock, rock enthusiast

Merri Kristmas Matty boy. How on the fuk should I knov, Im just the roodie. Vell majbey I hear Conrad say something bout the boys getting in a kreative rut bekose of “Tramp fateeg” vhatevers that is. And being in disagriiment on how to finish the next one. Ekskuse my Enklish, I am a simpel farmjard elf and roodie.

Dear Truth Blog!

Please tell the writers to put up more Intensifying Hearts and Dreams and stop yammering on about Trump! I’m dying to find out if Marcia will ever get her beloved Pjaltur… ;_;

A concerned fan of love, happiness and those special things

Happi Kristmas deer Constance! You seen by now, but Indelicious Parts of Spleen have returned in a big ways. And its gonna keep being writed and loaded onto the undernet!

D4aar tr000th,

Pooju tronf grammark. Tyu er fjung?

From the desk of,


Merri Krimestats, Berty boy! My answer to kwestion is a renowning YES!!!

Dear a truth called nothing,

Can you ask Nils to find out what police dogs do at Christmas?

A house music lover

Merri Kristmas, Housy boy, this is Nils! Some polis dog are probli selebrateing with there dog mommi and daddi, or the Big Polis Chef. But the dog that arent have parents or dont like there Polis Chef are velcommen to my home, the Metal Travelling Farmyard! We drink hot sweet glögg and light the Santabloss!

Hey the Truth!

How far is it to get to the half of eternity?

Cheers, a football fan

Merri Kristmas Footy boy! You cant ask me about that. We gonna see if Monica Armstrong can answer that kwestion in a later blogg. She was next-first women halfway to the moon! She knov a lot about iturnity.

Hi Santa! I love you!

Is it safe driving raindeer?

Merry christmas from a Young Boy!

Merri Kristmas Boiy boy! The Santa Cluuse sai that it is perfektli safe, I speak vith him last torsday!

Dear Truth.

Wouldn’t Santa have gotten constipation from all the porridge by now?

Sincerely, a Christmas skeptic

Look Christy boy. You are bad person and gets not any Santapresents this yeer! Im in badd mood now becos of your synisism, so we close Male Bag now! Bye fukers!

NILS! nils2

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