But why me? Oh but why me?

Dear Masons of Truth,

I do believe in the word of Christ and that Jesus Christ is our lord and savior – the way, the truth and the life. He died on the cross one fell Friday afternoon. Jesus has literary saved my life. Without him, not only would my life be much more dull and damp, but I would not be here today. I would be dead. This is hard to write. But it is the truth.

I have grown into the stories of Christ and the teachings of the bible. Many people in my experience can’t answer why we should believe the Bible. For me that is the most central question of all. I believe many Christians just take it for granted. But I do find it strange how you can call yourself a Christian and not believe in the Bible and the word of God? What can you believe then? Continue reading

Excerpt from ”Intensifying Hearts & Dreams” – season 14, episode 18


INT: The Intensifying Heart Club & Leisure Centre, at a table in the VIP section.

DR. ADAMSON, DADDY, and ANGÉL GABRIÉL are seated at the table, eating huge greasy steaks, drinking brandy and smoking big cigars. The table is covered by piles of money and gold jewellery. FRANK is lying on the floor next to the table in a rapturous trance. DR. ADAMSON, DADDY and FRANK are wearing the finest clothes and ties you can think of, while ANGÉL GABRIÉL, the younger man, is wearing a simple black suit and dark glasses.


Well then, gentlemen, this has been another fine and successful day. Now that THE MAYOR is finally satisfied, I feel it is only a matter of time until we have full control of the Committee.



The Committee today, the town tomorrow, am I right, fellows?

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