Excerpts from “Intensifying Hearts & Dreams”, season 18



Episode 1

Int: The Intensifying Heart Club, at a table in the VIP section

DADDY, ANGÉL GABRIÉL and SALINA are seated at the table, eating luxurious jumbo shrimps and lobsters.


Well, then. Shall we just wait for FRANK before we order dessert?



Sir… I’ve been wanting to say something for a while. Why… Why aren’t we trying to reaquire our pristine baybee? Isn’t that important at all to FRANK? I don’t know why I should have to lend him my body all the time. I know we messed up, but that isn’t the baybee’s fault. I kind of miss it…



Sweet heart, what did we say about questioning FRANK?

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Excerpt from “Intensifying Hearts & Dreams” – season 15, episode 99


Int: The Gastronomy Institute, treatment room.

MARCIA is lying on an observation sofa. She is semi-catatonic, but her eyes are open. Her expression is tormented, lost. Streaks of mascara from her red eyes all the way to the floor – that is how much she has been crying. DR. ADAMSON is sitting in a chair by the desk. He is holding a large double scotch and cradling his tired head in his free hand.


Oy vey. Another week, another complete disaster. Will all our schemes be undone again?



Aaah… Gord loveeee phah…



I sure wish you weren’t so heartbroken and catatonic, MAR. You make even worse company than usual. Ah, women….

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