A year called 2016

Dear potential reader,

Welcome to TRUTH blog. The blog of a truth called nothing. Many things have happened since we last opened our activities to the public. There has been a slow trickle of releases this past year, making several old releases public on various streaming services for the first time. We have released a new live album, capturing some concerts a couple of years ago, during the spectral electro-acoustic times. Finally, the new concept record, Sluggerhand, was unleashed. With the support of, among others, our friends at Radio Moscow and the ”Jango” community, we are regularly heard on the actual radio, by people from all across the world, and our fictional Chinese friends, of course.

Now we blog. We will show you our full discography, presented in its entirety and out of chronological order by special permission from Johannes Dalgren, creative director at BOF Records. We will show you our articles and interviews. There will be other things also. Maybe!!


The official atcn flag; the proud Neroxez

For newcomers, uninitiated, and the fictional: We are a truth called nothing, post-modern stadium rock band. All our songs are about homosexuality and/or assisted suicide, and all our music takes place in China. He is Adam Sobranie – indie investment banker (he enjoys a good game of ping-pong and a lovely cup of tea); I am Samuel Lundgren – nihilist academic (I enjoy aubergines, walks along the railway line and a nice fist fight). We have some other musicians too and you will get the chance to get to know them retroactively.

You can usually find us down in the games arcade, enjoying a game of ping-pong or Street Fighter II, or barring that, inside the manwash. If you don’t frequent these establishments, you can find us at Bandcamp, Soundcloud and Spotify. Well, you can find us at a bunch of other places as well. It’s just that we prefer these ones. The itinerary for the close future: While work is vigorously undertaken to complete our upcoming surrealist rock opera about communism, we will release a series of EP:s with five songs each, addressing various interesting topics and areas of interest. More on this soon. Until next time.

It is within the realm of possibility that you have read this message from,

Samuel Lundgren / atcn



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