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Hi there! I’m Ray Sawyer and I’m the lead political analyst for the Grand Lodge of Masons’ Political Commentary on the Political Commentary Bureau – PCPCB. On this blog I’ll post you challenging questions and mind-blowing analysis on present commentary on present political events!boxes2 copy3

So much commentary to comment on. It’s literally impossible to keep up with this insane level of crazy talk to talk about. As you’ve noticed Donald Trump doesn’t tell the truth very often. A pretty solid rule-of-thumb is to adjust for everything he says as an indication of what he thinks, and that he just makes up the”facts” afterwards. It literally seemes like the Donald does not care about reality. His view of events is just simply ”there” and it is no more real than the commentary from an internet troll.

So today’s commentary is about something surprisingly normal conservative pundit Ross Douthat wrote recently. But before we get to that we need some background. The mainstream American media is obsessed with things being equal between the two larger parties. This is simple not true. Somewhere hiding in the the deep dark trollwoods there might be some fact-free leftists. We commentary commentators can be honest about that. But not in the mainstream, really all political commentary research points towards crazy having a heavy Republican bias.

No one really knows when they switched the sign from ”business friendly” to ”insane asylum” but it seems to have been a gradual process picking up speed with Newt ”Mooncolony” Gingrich in the 1990’s. This has been happening while the Democrats have remained in the center. Since then, even though the Democrats have held the Precidency for two of the last three terms, political commentators can tell you that America hasn’t really moved much towards a traditional left. It has remained firmly in the center. Both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama are pretty centrist politicians. But to combat Democratic success, Republicans have staked out ever more extreme propositions on political, economical and social issues. And, above all, they threw out facts and introduced fictions and feelings as the guiding principles for governing – Subjective concepts, in other words. One group’s subjective ideas and concepts. When you basically lie* bout’ everything, there’s no effective screening for reasonableness of candidates and that is how you get Newt “I feel crime went up” Gingrich, George “mission” W “accomplished” Bush, Sarah “I read all the magazines” Palin, Rick “life begins at erection” Santorum, the Pizzaman, Marco “Barack Obama knows what he’s doin'” Rubio, Ted ”There is no substantive-due-process right to stimulate one’s genitals for non-medical purposes unrelated to procreation or outside of an interpersonal relationship” Cruz and the final epic apocalyptic prize, Donald “but I’m white!” Trump.

So, when Ross Douthat says ”Asking Rs to vote for Hillary is a little like asking Ds to vote for Newt Gingrich running on Ted Cruz’s platform” it is a fair question to challenge people into trying on the mindset of the Elephants and understand their reluctance. But there’s no one in the Democratic mainstream who is within a thousand miles of those two.

Ross, I’m sorry, but it’s a false equivalence. I don’t know what is you don’t like about social programmes, universal health care or criminal justice. There’s another dimension to this, facts. And there’s no equivalence there.

That’s all for this time! Arrividerci geeks!

Ray Sawyer is a political analysis with his highest dream being appearing on the cover of the Time magazine. He would also like to be lied about by Donald Trump. No one is anything in Ray’s world if he hasn’t been lied about by Donald Trump.

* “Lying” is not telling the truth and it has sadly become so commonplace that letters “l” “i” and “e” barely work on a political commentators’ keyboards anymore. Republicans have taken the lie as their main strategy for explaining reality to their voters. As a consequence, situations constantly arise where they try to squeeze in their “understanding” of society when the reality of society is that said “understanding” does not fit. You know, like a toddler** with the colorful shapes: a square block don’t fit into the space of a triangle. In these occasions Rs just seem to say that the Triangle shape really was a Square, even though no FACTS can support it and millions of predominantly poorer families suffer unnecessarily and often needlessly.

** That analogy was really too easy this year…

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