Dear Masons,

As a result of our analysis, everything points toward the supporters of Donald Trump being one of three things: a) blatant racists and to a varying degree believers of dirty nationalism (or Nazism as we used to call it in the ‘30s), b) cheap and unwilling to contribute to the beautiful thing called civilization (or pay taxes as we‘ve called it the last 3000 years) or c) people who identify strongly with the Republican party to an extent that the ‘R’ is an extension of themselves.

People ask us at the Political Commentary on the Political Commentary Bureau: how can people believe in the insane things this Orangutan is saying? And we say to them, it is because they want to believe! When you have a bias towards things being a certain way, for example; Mexicans are rapists, Hillary Clinton is corrupt; and Taxes are bad.

In those cases “when you know” it is like this. When someone then comes along and is saying all of this you will be more inclined to believe it, because you know reverse racism is the bigger problem in America. When everyone claims that Blacks are gunned down more often,  or Hispanics and Blacks are 8-12 times less wealthy than Whites, you don’t believe it (or rather you don’t want to believe it but let’s not split hairs) and when Trump comes along and says exactly what you already know it’s really a no-brainer. And that’s how you end up with a parallel set of facts and find New York Times, and Washington Post and CNBC as paragons of Satan out to crush the balls of freedom and sodomize you with a lovely mix of green glass and grainy salt.

But! As it turns out,  you need to distinguish between what your opinion is and what a fact is.  The world or nature or the universe is a complicated place. Pretending opinions are facts is not a recipe for success. Gravity is real, regardless of what you think about it. So, here are three more complete DEALBREAKERS!!! for you ‘Rs’ out there. Regardless of your opinions, it isn’t an excuse for voting for insanity.

    racism-images-copy-2Donald Trump is fundamentally racist. He subscribes to a worldview where there are “Mexicans,” “Blacks,” “Muslims,” “Jews,” and these are heterogeneous groups who think and act alike. That these groups hold common beliefs, have common traits, skills, ambitions, they have redeeming qualities (in these cases given his statements, probably few) and bad traits (probably many). In the real world, as anyone who’s past the 5th grade knows, the world is a complicated place with many different nuances, and there’s huge variations to how an individual turns out – Religion, society, school, work, family, friends and the internet (or perhaps a library if you’re feeling old school). Given how these knobs are tuned, individuals will turn out differently. A Muslim in Eton will probably have a more sophisticated skillset than a Christian growing up in Aleppo. The odds for someone who attended a fancy private school will most likely exceed those of someone who goes to a run-down school. Race (terrible word btw) is not determining outcomes. Factors like those listed above do. To say, like the master asshole did about the judge of Mexican decent, that he’s unfit to judge him because of his Mexican decent, reveals a terribly outdated type of thinking.
    economy-images-copyIn a distant time starting in 2000, when George “I like to” W “have a beer with you” Bush (wasn’t he sober back then?) was president, Republicans have lied boldly and unapologetically about their budget proposals. The last one was when Mitt “Mormon” Romney and Paul “The Fraud” Ryan produced their budget. Taxes were to be slashed, spending remain the same and deficits would collapse. Nobel laureates thought it was ridiculous. So, this election cycle so much other shit has happened that the attention on Trump’s laughable suggestion of a budget has ended up somewhere in a dark corner of the room. And to reiterate, economics isn’t a fringe subject, everything depends on it. Not getting it right is a non-acceptable situation. OF COURSE Trump doesn’t, his budget is insane. His statement (remember I’m going to end the deficit!) is insane. Words lose meaning when talking about this monkey. There’s no arithmetic in the world that will make that happen. Particularly not with his pathetic budget suggestion. That leaves only defaulting on the debt. Which is what he’s done with his lousy casinos (have you visited one? Try it and be disappointed) and if you do that with America you’re going to devalue the country to a level where the rest of the world will laugh at it based on a mix of America’s stupidity and the fear of collapsed world economy. America might be the biggest pie (save for the EU) but it’s a fractioned pie. And America’s mighty dick don’t hold that power, not even when erected with Trump Viagra. Not even close (Bush promised poor steel workers he would slam tariffs on foreign steel to allow them to keep work. What happened was that the EU said, “yeah we’ll do the same”. Since EU was bigger and better it didn’t work).Trump will be a disaster for America – that is the opposite of great – and the rest of the world will potentially (and ironically) gain from it.


    putingridingbear-copyThe leading theory behind why Trump doesn’t release his tax records is because it will reveal his heavy dependency on Russian oligarchs. Btw, the reason why presidential candidates started releasing their tax returns was to show they’re not crooked. Because the most crooked of everyone – no, not Hillary Clinton, but Richard “Dick” Nixon, of course – did a lot of sketchy stuff. Including financially. It is a DEALBREAKER!!! that your president is dependent on the financial muscle of a country you impose sanctions on (including financial ones). The reason his companies are rumored to be financed by Russian robber barons is that no proper banks will lend to him since he bankrupts the companies and in general seems to be kind of a shit businessman.
    It’s actually kind of laughable that people listen to this clown still. There’s every indication he isn’t even interested in this. It’s really just sad that some people believe they have to stoop to this depressing level.

Signed, Simon Johnson – DEALBREAKERS!!! blogger and intern at the Political Commentary on the Political Commentary Bureau

4 thoughts on “DEALBREAKERS!!!

  1. Now that was a good healthy read that I must share! If you can’t get through to people with normal every day verbiage, maybe this will do the trick. Thanks for the incite and truth and it is most definitely pathetic that some people actually think this buffoon will “Make America Great Again”.

    • Hey Polly! Glad you liked it! Why we started with Dealbreakers was to elucidate the fact that he has said and done too much directly disqualifying for holding this office. Since there are so many we’re going to try and list every disqualifying action. We’re really curious to why people continue to support him. I actually have quite much respect & understanding for a lot of R positions, but I have a much harder time figuring out how otherwise rational people can support Trump? What’s your take on that?

  2. This article is the dumbest thing I’ve ever read. Wrong on all counts about Trump supporters. Have fun loving in your fantasy world there.

    • Hello there Deakon! Glad you enjoyed the article. Being the dumbest thing you’ve ever read must be some kind of accomplishment!? What is that you feel we’re wrong about here? The assumption about Trump supporters in general or these three (there are quite a few) Dealbreakers: i) Trump holds on to a racist worldview, ii) Trump has produced a non-working and, I would say, fraudulent budget, or iii) or has strong ties with Russian oligarchs? These are well documented (as the links show). Why do you support Trump (or am I being presumptuous?) and what are your key issues? /Simon

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