Ray Sawyer presents a checklist for all presumptive Trump voters!!!

My fellow Americans,

listyou can’t vote Trumpy if you haven’t read every item on the list and sent back an acceptable to excuse to Uncle Sawyer!

  1. He lies about absolutely everything. From his physique to international politics
  2. He is vengeful like never before
  3. He thinks America’s arch-enemy Vladimir Putin is the role model for leadership
  4. Doesn’t understand the awesome power of nuclear weapons
  5. Doesn’t understand why a nuclear non-proliferation treaty is absolutely essential
  6. Encouraged supporters to assassinate his opponent
  7. Doesn’t believe in the biggest challenge facing human kind: Climate change
  8. Actively encourages conspiracy theories about “rigged elections” undermining the foundation of democracy
  9. Doesn’t understand the difference between an unemployment rate of 5% and 42%
  10. Doesn’t understand international trade or what VAT/Sales tax is
  11. Is accused by no less than 17 woman of sexual assault
  12. Bragged about actually performing said sexual assault (on the bus you know, with Billy Bush)
  13. Said it couldn’t be true because one accuser was too ugly
  14. Wants to punish women who carry out an abortion
  15. Ran a Ponzi scheme called Trump University
  16. He never released his tax returns
  17. He lost $ 1bn in one year
  18. He shipped over losses on ordinary investors (essentially bailed out by stock-market investors, often smaller investors)
  19. Actively encourages violence at rallies
  20. Refuses to pay contractors and employees
  21. Choked while meeting the Mexican president
  22. Had a cute little bobby pin in his hair while appearing together with the Mexican president
  23. Engaged in a week-long twitter feud with a beauty queen
  24. Debated dick-size on a national debate
  25. Bought paintings of himself for foundation money provided by others
  26. Bailed out his hotels with foundation money
  27. Claimed he donated millions to veterans. Turned out he didn’t
  28. Compared building hotels with the ultimate sacrifice of losing a child in war
  29. Has bankrupted at least four business. Whereof most are casinos. The only industry where people give you money for nothing
  30. He has never disclosed his actual worth
  31. He called Americans of Latin heritage rapists and drug dealers
  32. Singles out African-Americans as “the” and “they” implying it’s an inferior homogenous group
  33. He prefers “jews” to count his money
  34. Re-tweeted several messages from hard rightwing groups including KKK, David Duke and none else than Mussolini
  35. He had a copy of Adolf Hitler’s speeches on his night stand
  36. Doesn’t know the orangutan race and human race can’t produce offspring
  37. Went in unannounced to the dressing room of beauty pageant contestants (some underage) to sneak a peek, pervert style
  38. Said about a ten year old girl he wanted to “date” her in 8 years
  39. Said about his daughter he wanted to date her if she wasn’t his daughter
  40. Was pro the Iraq war
  41. Discriminated against Black residents in housing projects
  42. Undisclosed mafia ties
  43. Started all business with heavy support from father. If money had been put in Index fund, Trumpy would be richer = Bad businessman
  44. Tenant intimidation
  45. Employing undocumented Polish workers
  46. Former wife Ivana Trump accused him of rape
  47. Breaking several casino rules including racial discrimination, mafia ties and several different anti-trust violations
  48. Used campaign donor money to buy up his own books
  49. Bribed a Florida attorney general via his foundation
  50. Foundation closed for new deposits pending investigation from New York Attorney General
  51. Broke the Cuban embargo
  52. Attacked John McCain for not being a war hero
  53. Showed a picture of Hillary Clinton with the star of David implying she was bought off by a Jewish conspiracy
  54. Claims no one knows the Bible better than him. Then fails to mention even one passage
  55. Said Carly Fiorina had an ugly face
  56. Megyn Kelly only attacked him because she had her period
  57. Described Mika Brzezinski as crazy and very dumb
  58. Heidi Cruz is ugly
  59. Hillary Clinton “looks” “non-presidential”
  60. Mocked a reporter for being handicapped
  61. Claims Ted Cruz’ father is somehow involved in the assassination of JFK
  62. Claim thousands of Muslims were cheering in New Jersey when the Twin Towers went down
  63. Lied about donating his profits from the Apprentice
  64. Lied about charitable donations from the Celebrity Apprentice
  65. Lied about charitable donation from Trump the Game to St Judes Cancer Hospital
  66. Continuously lies about IRS as the reason he can’t produce his taxes
  67. Lied about sending his personal jet to ferry stranded service men
  68. Continuously lies about his business dealings with Russia
  69. Didn’t know Russia had invaded Ukraine
  70. Lied about offering child care to his employees (turned out that it was his guests)
  71. Actively promoting war crimes (killing families of suspected terrorists) and torture
  72. He congratulated himself on the Florida nightclub massacre
  73. Encouraged Russia to hack Hillary Clinton’s emails
  74. Proposed banning all Muslims from entering the US
  75. Praised Saddam Hussein
  76. Praised Kim Jong-un
  77. Encouraged voter suppression through spreading of conspiracy theories about minorities and voter fraud. (So far one case voter fraud has been unraveled. It was a Trump supporter)
  78. Wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace it with something “terrific”
  79. Has proposed an Economic Plan which will create a $5 trillion deficit despite claiming he is “fiscally responsible”
  80. Has proposed an Economic Plan which would lower taxes for the absolutely most wealthy and increase it for the working man
  81. He understands the prejudice against African-Americans because the election is also rigged against him (when are white millionaire heirs be on top in this country??)
  82. Says everything is rigged against him if he doesn’t win, if does win everything was OK. Even if it’s the exact same poll or award. It’s always our skills when he win. It’s always cheating when he lose
  83. Claimed any candidate using a teleprompter is disqualified. Then he starts using a teleprompter
  84. Doesn’t understand what the nuclear triad is
  85. Erased all his own e-mails including those sought in court
  86. Failed to inform his audience that the W Bush Administration erased far more e-mails than Hillary Clinton
  87. Allied himself with people suggesting HRC should be executed by firing squad
  88. Allied himself with campaign advisor who suggested waterboarding
  89. Has his son in prominent position, a son who follows white supremacist twitter accounts
  90. Allies himself with at least seven campaign staffers who have spread racist and/or violent messages on social media
  91. Allied himself with an Illinois delegate who is a white supremacist
  92. Allied himself with a California delegate who is a white nationalist
  93. His former butler said Obama should be hung for treason
  94. His former campaign chair Paul Manafort received $ 12m corrupt pro-Russia Ukrainian leader Viktor Yanukovych


I will try and update this. But, man, this is really onerous work.


Sources: http://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2016/10/donald-trump-scandals/474726/, http://www.nytimes.com/2005/10/23/business/yourmoney/whats-he-really-worth.html, http://www.gq.com/story/176-reasons-donald-trump-shouldnt-be-president-olbermann

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