Ray Sawyer optimistically endorses Hillary Clinton because she is an awesome and exciting candidate!!!

My fellow Americans,

endorse.pngWe’ve all heard some version of the “Hillary isn’t that exciting but Donald Trump and Gary Johnson and Jill Stein is nuts!” thesis. There’s always this talk about how she’s not authentic, and she can’t connect with people, and she’s a career politician and so forth. Besides that, there’s the emails and other levels of outright falsehoods Donald Trump and other Rs like to promote.

I’m actually quite excited about Hillary Clinton. In fact,  compared to any candidate in modern times you can argue she’s the most qualified candidate. Eight years as Senator and four years as Secretary of State, plus a multitude of other positions and causes in public service.

Frankly I scoff at this talk of her being a second rate candidate who is as inspiring as a chronically depressed sloth, just got lucky to run against a candidate so ridiculously bad he couldn’t be worse if he came from Monsanto GMO factory. There’s a number of reasons she’s an awesome and qualified candidate superior to a number of different candidates, not just compared to the orange orangutan with the tiny hands and the fictional health.

Why am I actively excited, psyched really, about HRC has some different levels.

Firstly, she has firm a grip on the issues that actually affect lives. She has a firm grip on the economy and she understands the world better than most politicians. She was broadly and greatly respected both as Senator and as Secretary of State. In contrast Donald Trump believes the unemployment rate is 42% (it’s actually below 5% now and Trump’s figure is twice the rate of the Great Depression), he doesn’t understands international trade or foreign policy on even the simplest level.

Secondly, she desires this more than anyone can imagine. This is a woman who has taken unprecedented levels of abuse. She have seen several presidential candidates upfront, up close. She knows exactly the depths that people fall to in the big leagues. And she still wants to do it.

Thirdly, she understands the foundation of the strategy behind the US foreign policy and how the military plays into it. Donald Trump believes wars are won by simply not talking about giant obvious attacks and that he personally knows terrorism threats better than the joint chiefs of staff. I find it particularly funny that his super clever strategy to defeat ISIS was not to mention the attack on Mosul and that he seems to believe NATO’s terrorism strategy is driven by his tweets. HRC is respected, ask Stanley McCrystal.

Fourth, she’s well respected among Rs. Senator Lindsey Graham, Senator John McCain, and Senator Mitch McConnell all have praised her work.

Fifth, she cares deeply about improving the conditions for the least paid and the unemployed. She’s been actively involved with improving the conditions for poor kids. This is not a fringe issue, but essential to continue to battle poverty, crime, and unhealthiness.

Last and least important. I actually disagree about people who say she’s boring and cold and no one likes her. I get the feeling she could be good fun to stay out drinking with her

As for the complaints, Benghazi has been debunked by eight panels and that it, in the end, was a Republican House strategy concocted to get her numbers down. Thank you Kevin McCarthy. The Clinton foundation has primarily saved lives in Africa.She set up a private server that not even Quisling director James Comey considers important. Besides, the W Administration deleted millions of e-mails on private servers.

I’m proud to be voting for this extraordinary woman.

Signed, Ray Sawyer.

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