Excerpt from “Intensifying Hearts & Dreams” – season 15, episode 39


Ext: The baybee park by the Intensifying Heart Club, summer. 

DADDY is taking the baybee for a walk in a stroller. He is sitting on a bench, enjoying an ice cream, and the baybee is sleeping peacefully. FRANK is lying face down in the grass, twitching and shivering in a state of bliss.


Quite a lovely day to take SALINA and ANGÉL’s baybee for a stroll, wouldn’t you agree, my good chap?



Quite so indeed, fellow.



Let’s discuss the plan once more. I will use this baybee to distract the Committee-

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Excerpt from ”Intensifying Hearts & Dreams” – season 15, episode 1


Ext: The parking lot outside the Intensifying Heart Club.

SALINA and PASTOR JING are having a smoke break by the back entrance.


So I hope everything is in good order now that you and ANGÉL have moved into your new luxury apartment kindly paid for by FRANK?



Well you know, PASTOR, things are different now we been moved in together. You think I have to end my career as sport journalist?

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Excerpt from ”Intensifying Hearts & Dreams” – season 14, episode 62


INT: The Intensifying Heart Club & Leisure Centre, in the bar

Seated at the bar are MONICA and her ex-employer, the aged MADAME MORGANNA, matriarch of the hair salon and arch-rival to DADDY and the Club.

Editor’s note: You don’t have to keep reminding us, Chad, everyone reading the stage directions already knows who she is. If you wanna remind people of the characters, put it in the ”previously” segment. It’s there for a reason, man. Also, if they are arch-rivals, why is she hanging out at his establishment?



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A Molten Net in Sun (2002)


”A direct line of distinctive descent”


Album cover by Samuel Lundgren


So I guess it’s up to me to write this blog post I have just written about our first album. Me and Mr. Sobranie are lifelong companions (not in the gay way) since the baby school. We wanted to start the band and be those big rock stars. The ones from TV. You know? We weren’t allowed to by our stupid friends, most of whom wanted the music to be very hard and tough. The guitars were to be loud; the bass was to just rumble; the drums were to be struck as quickly as possible by the double pedal. Lyrically approved subjects were, in order: Satan, death, the trolls and vikings of the forest, and the debatable power of the moon. It may sound strange to you, young and current reader of today – age of transgender rights and authenticity – but such were the times at that point. We wouldn’t have any of that. We set up two studios (BOF Studio A and B) and created a concept album clocking in at an hour and twenty minutes. We used acoustic guitars instead of electric ones. We employed the drum machine. And we unloaded all our frustrations with society and the human condition onto eighteen songs. Continue reading

Excerpt from ”Intensifying Hearts & Dreams” – Season 14, epiode 15


INT: The Intensifying Hearts Club & Leisure Centre, in the women’s bathroom

MARCIA is crying hysterically into the sink. SALINA and MONICA are consoling her.


Why oh why does this keep happening to me? Don’t I deserve love and all those special things? Haven’t I always worked hard here at DADDY’s club? Why oh why did PJALTUR, the love of my life, leave me and shack up with the most famous classically trained dancer in the city? Continue reading