Something happened on the day he died (David Bowie one year ago)


We wrote these fragments a day after his death. We haven’t really looked at them since, but the idea came up to do a re-run on the one year anniversary and see what came out. One year later comments are in green. We recommend that you listen to either Scary Monsters, Let’s Dance or Heathen while reading this. Thank you. Sorry. Our condolences. /Adam & Sam

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Hello Masons!

Just recently the Messrs of atcn released a little tune where they were singing and playing their instruments (while dancing in the studio sunset) about an orange orangutan. Now, we’ve received feedback about why they did that. So I’m going to try and shine a light on that.

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Ask three fellows, special election edition. Would you vote for…

Would you vote for…

Jesus Josefson, carpenter, triple-schizophrenic, freelance saviour and magical wizard

jesus.png…this candidate, mr. Donald Trump? I have been following his political career closely, for I am the light and the glory. I would point out some things, blessed readers, that I have found interesting in my sacredness. First off, mr. Trump wishes to erect a wall to keep out the people of Mexico and to restrict entry into his fine country from people of the most unblessed Muslim faith. Now, you might think that these things are needlessly stringent, but here I disagree, for the meek shall inherit the earth. Continue reading

Announcing the new EP by (a truth called nothing)

The unconventional convention of “interesting” thinking is upon us. The man with the mind of an ape, the hands of a child and the balls of a watermelon will take to the stage and announce just what is great, HUGE, awesome, terriffic, terrible, weak, Mexican, Muslim, and amazing.

OranguwhoTo celebrate the upcoming and much anticipated convent of huge, best and incredible thinking, we will release an EP called The Orange Orangutan’s Revenge this thursday, the 21th. It shall be the first in a series of EPs, which will trickle out of us somewhat often, all with 5 songs and based on different ideas. This first one is a deep collaboration with DJ Bo Blaze, the most artistic and rigorous DJ in all of the European mainland.

This record isn’t about Donald Trump, not really. It’s about the zeitgeist, it’s about the second wind of demagoguery, it’s about being here in the world right now, in the current time, in a corner of society. Join us and count down from five. Join the Deathlist.

On “Elemental Music” – a Thought Experiment


I’m sitting on the subway up here in northern Europe, and I’m having myself a little moment. Listening to a lovely electronic track by Max Million called “Monogramma” on SRS Podcast. Suddenly a street musician begins playing his electric violin in the background. And magically, he is in perfect sync with the music. Certainly rythmically, and close enough tonally that it works. The distance – both in space, with him a wagon behind me; and in the slight musical aberrations – creates a quite sublime feeling. I’m enraptured – rejuvenated. Bear with me now, as I’m about to delineate, in my quasi-Borgesian way, how a new genre could be established out of this strange, serendipitous coincidence. Continue reading

Rock the Road – Conrad is thinking inside the box

Hi, I’m Nils. Rhymes with “gills”, for you foreigners. I’m serving as main roadie for the


Yeah! Rock the road!!

truthers, which is a difficult life, seein’ as I’m afflicted with a dwarfism most diminutive. This is one of my stories.

We’re standing outside the local watering hole in some strange town in some strange country. We’re at the stage of the tour where no one really pays any attention to that anymore. At least I don’t. I feel our night ain’t going nowhere. Adam and Sam are debating some horribly boring goddamn political farce crap, in this particularly pretensions way they have, and it’s driving me out of my mind. Continue reading

What you’ve learned about yourself

freddie01This year we’ve lost a lot of great people. I never knew any of them. But I’ve been sad. Sad in ways I didn’t really knew I could be. This year we’ve lost David Bowie, Olle Ljungström, Prince, Lemmy Kilmister and, just today, Freddie Wadling. Sorrow will come, sorrow will go. There are situations when you will lose people who’ve cared for you as much as anyone possibly can. When these people go, it means the world. But you don’t miss these guys, the ones I mentioned above, because you knew them: You miss them because what they taught you about yourself. Freddie Wadling, in particular, was a true outsider artist, literally in that you will not recognize his name without a certain knowledge of Scandinavian culture. But he signifies the fact that the most broken-back, bald, crumpled person can carry others through song. Discover him. You will not know the language, but you will know the feeling, and the power.

Excerpt from “Intensifying Hearts & Dreams” – season 15, episode 39


Ext: The baybee park by the Intensifying Heart Club, summer. 

DADDY is taking the baybee for a walk in a stroller. He is sitting on a bench, enjoying an ice cream, and the baybee is sleeping peacefully. FRANK is lying face down in the grass, twitching and shivering in a state of bliss.


Quite a lovely day to take SALINA and ANGÉL’s baybee for a stroll, wouldn’t you agree, my good chap?



Quite so indeed, fellow.



Let’s discuss the plan once more. I will use this baybee to distract the Committee-

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