Special Medical Doctor edition

lonelysmallhandsDonald Trump hilariously got his doctor to write a note to school that said, of course, he was the healthiest man alive. Yes, this is true. And it is so badly written you have to sit down when you read it. Highlights include “laboratory test were astonishingly excellent” and “His physical strength and stamina are extraordinary” and, the grand prize, “If elected, Mr. Trump, I can state unequivocally, will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.” All this is obviously ridiculous and utterly unworthy a candidate for the presidency of the United States.

Where do you stand mentally when you employ a doctor who’s a sycophant? Or, you wrote it yourself, and simply forged your doctors signature. One of these situations is the truth and both are equally unacceptable.  And rather silly, I might add.

They both also betray a line of reasoning in Trump. That his understanding is superior to other experts, do you remember only he can fix the political system, only he can negotiate with China, only he can defeat ISIS, only he is the best businessman, and in general the savviest guy in the whole wide universe! And recently the tax code. (He does not, however, seem to know how to make a profit on a casino, on the other hand…)

This led me to think of this guy: Adolf Hitler. A new book recently came out which reminded me about the stupidity of believing you, and only you, know best. In the Third Reich all the generals swore an oath of allegiance to Hitler personally (and not the Nazi state). Well, as we all know, Trump is an admirer of Hitler and basically everything Trump has said and done so far has given us every indication he also is the kind of person who would like people to swear similar types of personal allegiances to him. For evidence, look at the fact that anyone who disagrees with him (and isn’t his daughter) is crooked, not american, lyin’, has a small dick, makes porn tapes and so worth.

Nazi Germany was, first and foremost, a cruel and despicable place. As a starting point, no one with an admiration for that state should ever be considered for office (look at Erdogan, and look at who likes him – what a coincidence). There’s also another aspect to this. No single HUMAN BEING is stronger than the collective of experts in their respective fields. The major driver behind why WW2 started and why Nazi Germany later lost WW2 was because ONE novice Austrian watercolor painter took the final decisions instead of the collective mind of many of those times’ most qualified generals, industrialists and politicians.

And that’s how you create a despicable place, and how you ruin a society.

Democracy is difficult, it is often slow, and it never supplies you with your exact preferred solution. But everything we have learned through the greatest leap mankind has made (the progressiv after WW2) tells us that rule of law, constitutions, offices (and not people), processes and procedures are superior to one man’s delusion about being the smartest about everything from Syrian tribesmen to his own health.

Signed, Simon Johnson – DEALBREAKERS!!! blogger and intern at the Political Commentary on the Political Commentary Bureau

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