Ask Three Fellows, vol. 06

Dearest Masons of Truth, spread across this great globe of ours! This time, in a joint effort between the Political Commentary on the Political Commentary Bureau and the Gastronomy Institute, we have asked three of your prominent members an important and topical question. Politics – what’s it all about? For example, the US presidential election… What is that stuff!!??! In essence: Do you believe that the business of politics and the actions of politicians influence your life?

Patsy Paulson – Christian Scientist, freelance missionary, and Healer

patsyNo. As a Healer in service to the Lord, I believe there are far more important things to think about than politics. It is shamefully vain of us lowly humans to believe that we are in control of our destinies. The only one who decides about destiny is our lord God, and of course no man can influence God. To think so would be blasphemy. The best thing we can do is to leave all in God’s hands and simply believe that he will bring us to a golden future full of bounty. I see no difference whatsoever between Donald and Hillary. It is all the same to the glorious Lord, and should not matter to us. All things such as laws, taxation, environmental control, international relations, political desicion making in general… These things are all just distractions from the true path. He who would change the world should go out into the wretched streets of Harlem and minister healing to the destitute tramps lying in the garbage piles. If we save these filthy people, one person at a time, then that is all we can do. The rest is up to God. And Jesus.

Dr. Eli Adamson – Chief director of the Gastronomy Institute, fine dining afficionado, master of the Gastronomical Arts

adamson1.jpegOf course politics matters. Sometimes it may be difficult to distinguish between two parties or two representatives in a given election – though this is certainly not one of those times! – but we must never succumb to cynical disinterest in how our world is run. Always ask yourself what you feel the role of government should be, and try to vote for the option that hews closer to what that is. Myself, I feel that the duty of government should primarily be to the common good. That entails things such as a small amount of wealth redistribution, and the establishment of social systems to care for those who can not care for themselves. Certainly one should also have the freedom to strive for greater financial outcomes and ownership of companies and property, and it is necessary for people with those interests to be represented in politics. But the overall role of government should be to serve all citizens, and all citizens can never be part of the small special interest groups of owners and investors. Thus I have come to embrace the idea of a rational, altruistic socialism. So, clearly it influences my life when I elect to vote for politicians who raise my personal tax bill. But I do this willingly and with careful reasoning. As a somewhat wealthy man of learning and refinement, I do not need the specific protection of the government. But you might, and it will always behoove you to vote for what will benefit society in the long run.

Kathy Miller, Trump Surrogate Ohio District Mahoning County and Real Estate professional

pabstblueribbonGreatly. I don’t think there was any racism until Obama got elected. We never had problems like this… Now, with the people with the guns, and shooting up neighborhoods, and not being responsible citizens, that’s a big change, and I think that’s the philosophy that Obama has perpetuated on America.

But Trump’s going to fix all that. He’s also going to put that all Climate nonsense to rest. We all know that’s a Chinese conspiracy to steal Ohio jobs and move them to those ugly rice terraces in Shanghai.There’s also all this red tape on everything. Just take hairspray? If I spray hairspray in my house. I mean, that place is completely sealed. How can that affect the ozone layer?


Not to mention the Manchurian Muslim candidate’s operation to militarily steal our country. You know, of course, of Jade Helm 15, that needs to be sorted out. Particularly now when Obama is looking for a third term in office. He shouldn’t even be allowed to be president. I don’t believe he was born in America. I don’t believe Trump believes this either. Regardless of what he said. That’s just for the liberal communist traitors on the coasts.

Unemployment, 42%, can you believe it? China is stealing our jobs, Mexico is stealing our jobs. Ford is going to move its factories to Mexico and fire all the workers. Places like Ohio and Michigan aren’t going to have anything left! Needs to be fixed!

So yeah. This November means a lot. We need to have someone who stands firmly with both feet on the ground, someone who understands the true nature of society and tells us the truth!


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