DEALBREAKERS!!! – Special Mother Russia edition

Special Mother Russia edition

putinlovesbearsWhen you are running for the world’s most powerful office it’s important to know what you’re talking about. Since Donald Trump never knows what he’s talking about, he should already be disqualified. But as Communication guru Rasmus Kleis Nielsen said: “…if people do not expect you to be very measured and controlled and on message all the time, they never expect that of you.” True that. Now, most people live in something scientists have long called “reality.” If you’re not familiar with the concept, it is a set of common parameters for all that is and ever has been. (At least until we can upload our minds to a computer, after which I assume it can be absolutely whatever).

When you’ve done so many disqualifying things as Donald Trump has, it’s really hard to chock people out of the lull of “DT  just says a lot of shit, don’t worry about it.” Apparently it took sexual assault for a lot of Republicans to come to the position of, yeah this is fucking nuts. Albeit sexual assault shouldn’t be downplayed, he has advocated things which are arguably even worse.

One of those things is the Orangutan’s obsession with Russia and their dictator Vladimir Putin.

The reason why that is and why it’s so important, is attributable to a multitude of factors, which we will shine a light on right here. It’s a DEALBREAKER!!! when…

  • …you admire Russian president Vladimir Putin as a great leader. Well, Russia is a dictatorship with Vladimir Putin, former KGB operative, at the helm. This is an authoritarian state where people don’t get to elect their leaders. And people don’t get to run for office (particularly really dumb ones, so Trump should show some gratitude for having been born in a liberal democracy). This is Mr Putin’s country and you either accept it, you die or you leave. This is not something to work towards and it is a giant DEALBREAKER!!! that your presidential candidate believes the role model for society is an authoritarian and corrupt dictatorship.
  • …you believe Putin supplies proper leadership for his country and his subjects (yeah, really) and you believe this is a role model even for your country. Firstly, as pointed out in bullet 1 – Russia is not a democracy and it really hasn’t ever been. Secondly, believing Putin is a strong leader betrays a train of thought: that you can’t handle a complex liberal democracy where people can be many different things at the same time. Everything must be filed under the label of Mexican, Liberal, Business, Government, etc. In real life people are a multitude of different things at the same time: you have a cultural heritage, you work somewhere, you vote for someone, you subscribe to some religion, etc. All with different aspects. Donald Trump (and this is also the foundation of racism and fascism) seems to believe people are exactly one thing. This way of thinking is epitomized by his statements that Mexicans are rapists, that a judge couldn’t legitimately preside over his case due to his heritage, or that liberals want to destroy our country. Somewhere in the deep dark web there’s a study claiming conservatives generally have lower IQ than liberals. True story. Now, I personally believe IQ to be bullshit and you can discuss the hen-and-feather aspect of this. I do however believe, it is ignorant and consistent with having low IQ to not understand that individuals stand on many different foundations where ethnic and religious might be examples. But there are many aspects that make up a person, and to not understand that (as Trump fundamentally doesn’t) is a sign of a really ignorant (and possibly straight-out dumb) person. And that is a DEALBREAKER!!!
  • …you believe it’s OK that a foreign power is messing with your election. Not only is entertaining that thought a giant DEALBREAKER!!!, you’re also a patsy and ass-puppet to the most ruthlessly calculating leader on the planet. Who gets a positive vibe looking at or listening to Putin? A big pile of KGB Mordor evil. Who believes Donald Trump will ever have anything to put up against that pinnacle of ultimate cynicism?? A man willing to put his entire country (170m people) in a  declining state (declining living conditions) for the benefit and enrichment of he and his crony friends. Really, Russia is run by a very limited amount of people. EVERY SINGLE ONE of those people are rich because of activities closely related to natural resources. Compare this development of Russia with the development of Norway. Then compare the difference in approach on how to treat your natural resources vis-a-vis your citizens. The role model should be fairly simple.

These are all DEALBREAKERS!!! If you want to continue to live in a prospering (yes, prospering!) democracy where you can say all the bullshit you want, then don’t vote for Trump. Democracy is slow and it’s often boring. What’s the point of having a strong leader if he only uses the strength to fuck the common people over??

Signed, Ray Sawyer

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