Ray Sawyer explains why you always lose if you vote Trump. No winners can vote Trump.


My fellow Americans,

Election day is around the corner. A fantastic day. For people like me it’s like the Superbowl, World Cup final, Champions League, Olympics (winter and summer), World Series, March Madness, Tour de Gudenå and Stanley cup all rolled up into one festive occasion. It’s greater even, because it’s actually real. It has real outcomes. The stuff above hasn’t, which is why it might be strange that I compare the two. Watching sports is a nuisance and a hobby. Elections affects everything and should be your no.1 priority in terms of understanding and participation. Yet, if we’re honest, that’s not really the case is it?

If it were the case this wouldn’t be a discussion. It would be over. Because Donald Trump is fundamentally unfit for this office he’s seeking. If you don’t understand this, you don’t understand politics on the same level most sports fans understand baseball.There are certain underlying opinions and situations that I can be sympathetic towards when it comes to “Trump supporters,” but you will never gain any sort of respect or sympathy from me if you can’t distinguish a completely unfit candidate from a boring technocrat.

  • Trump is fundamentally unfit to do this job because he doesn’t understand the democratic system. Donald Trump’s favorite politician is Vladimir Putin; arch-enemy to America, oppressing dictator and the single greatest threat to the democratic western societies. This is the government system that has created the greatest wealth AND greatest freedom for more people than ever before in the history of mankind. Yeah. It has NEVER been better. More people are healthier, are wealthier, live longer and aren’t as oppressed. Vladimir Putin threatens that prosperity through destabilizing the core (free thought, free press, free markets and democratic elections) that binds these societies together. Sure, things can be better. But they always can. Why Donald Trump is fundamentally unfit for this office is because he doesn’t understand how these systems work and as such has a surprisingly good shot at actually ruining the best system mankind has constructed so far. Think about that Brutus.
  • After that comes the fact that he’s a misogynist, feeble-minded, racist, pretty stupid it seems, unsuccessful, chronically lying, and let’s not forget a sycophant. People tend to forget that his policies are worthless. Particularly for the working man (Calling Ohio!!). Voodoo economics which will raise taxes for the poor and lower for the Bilderberg crowd (Calling the Heartland!!) while Hillary Clinton’s will improve conditions for the working man.
  • Just everything that is this big pile of orange bile. We all know the shit that he has done. Everyhing, everything he has said and done which is disqualifying: Lost $1bn in one year, has run Ponzi-scheme (Trump university), sexually assaults women, brags about sexually assaulting women, brags about not sexually assaulting ALL women because some women are too ugly, has gone bankrupt 6 times, runs a fraudulent foundation he doesn’t put his own money in, doesn’t understand the economy (believes in 43% unemployment).

Basically he is a racist, feeble-minded fascist, who will bring this country into a totalitarian era and probably drag a lot of rest of the developed world with him. Feeble-minded racist fascism has a name and it’s called Nazism. Nazism is unacceptable on its own merits. But also, it doesn’t work. IT DOESN’T WORK, people didn’t get healthier and wealthier in Europe in 1930s. The only thing it does is that it singles out someone else to make you FEEL better about it.

Why should you vote for him? Well you shouldn’t because of all of the above reasons – he is fundamentally unfit to do this job. But the only reason you should even consider this is if you believe immigration is the only issue worth discussing. But if you do believe that you STILL shouldn’t consider Trump because he is fundamentally disqualified to do this and you should instead start describing your issues with immigration in a nuanced way so that we can take responsible action.

Dreaming up imaginary facts on immigration and projecting them on an unfit candidate isn’t going to solve anything. The American people was left in a dark, damp corner of a public urinal by W Bush and the House Republicans. Why there hasn’t been accountability for Iraq, the 2008 crisis and why the recovery hasn’t been stronger: it’s because of Republican policies and Republican leaders.

I recently read Democrats take the Black vote for granted and don’t do anything for it. Maybe they can do more. But the Rs have taken the uneducated white, often rural vote for granted and then they’ve dragged them out in the snow and pissed all over them. Then left them out to freeze. It’s just disgusting. This time a worse candidate than ever before is on the ballot and he will wreak havoc on the working man like never before. He will not stop at pissing on you so to speak; He has a record of sexual assault. Get it? All right, let’s spell it out. He will be fucking you against your will.

There’s a choice, either you choose responsibly or you throw the dice of different: the only choice is between catastrophic or depressing. Regardless, if Donald Trump wins the election come Tuesday. You will lose.

Good morning and good luck.

Ray Sawyer.

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