Welcome to the age of ignorance

Dear citizen,

Today the president-elect orange orangutan will assume office of the United States of America. Welcome to the age of ignorance.


One day a couple of hundred years ago, mankind concluded that a rule-based and democratic society, with equality for all, was the way forward. In doing so, they found basing progress of society on the scientific method, on knowledge, on facts and evidence, and on the desire to embetter society and continuously improve the possibilities for the human race to be ideal. On telling the truth, as best as you know and understand it; and work for the greater good of all.

Today, Donald J Orangutan will be sworn in as president. Nothing he has done so far in his life, particularly so in the election campaign and these days between November the 8th and today, have shown he has any understanding this – or indeen any interest in trying to acquire such an understanding.

Orange Orangutan Trump lies about everything. Just today he stated that the concert organized yesterday was historic. It was not, of course.* Looking back at everything he promised during the campaign, he has already walked back the major ones: the Mexican wall, the Mexican deportation force, the Muslim ban, and the notion of prosecuting Hillary Clinton. As we all know Trump lies a lot about everything. Is this what we want the pinnacle of our society to be? A liar.

The Orange Orangutan does not know things. Sad. He seems, in fact,  to have very little knowledge about how the world works. This extends to everything from worldwide car manufacturing to NATO to Russia to the EU to VAT taxes to nuclear weapons to general military strategy; basically everything you would like the leader of the US to understand.** It seems as if he believes knowledge and learning is boring tedious shit you can skip. Sadly for Donald, it has been proven beyond doubt that knowledge and learning is the superior way forward for the human race. It has been proven many a-times that despots making decisions based on their own ”intelligence” and “abilities” (”only I can fix it!”) is not the way forward. Mr Hitler of Nazi Germany comes to mind. He made all and every decision in Nazi Germany and look where he ended up***. Is this what we want the pinnacle of society to be? Ignorance.

So, dear citizen, welcome to a new age where we celebrate the lie and our leaders’ ignorance as virtues. Because there is nothing better than that to feel we are correct rather than to bother ourselves with what the actual state of affairs are. If you have cancer you would much rather feel that you’re getting better than actually, and factually, get better. Right?

Famous British loser Michael Gove once famously proclaimed: “people have had enough of experts, there’s only one expert that matters, you!” That is how I always feel when I go into the oncologist. Hail the glorious uniformed and welcome to the age of ignorance.

Signing off, Ray Sawyer.

*Concerts have been held by the Lincoln Memorial before. For example, the last time a new president was inaugurated. That time an estimated 400’000 attended, not the 10’000 attending yesterday.

** To list all the references to that stuff is really cumbersome work and I was looking forward to an easy op-ed kind of thing here. Work yourself around some reputable sources and you will learn: yes, he doesn’t grasp these things.^ Of the little he knows, he has drawn an incomplete, incoherent often completely wrong conclusion which is sometimes directly threatening to the human race (like nuclear weapons).

*** Mr Hitler ended his days in a body bag with a cyanide capsule in his stomach and a bullet hole in his head. An unknown number of guards poured gasoline over the remains and lit him up. And also, tens of millions died worldwide and his beloved German people suffered immensely.

^ One small example. The global car industry. Trump believes it is a problem Americans buy BMWs and Mercedes while Germans don’t buy Chevrolet. That has a lot to with GM, the owner of the Chevrolet brand, discontinued sales of Chevrolet in Europe a couple of years ago. Currently they market Opel (wholly owned since the 1930s) in Europe. Very simple answer. Another strange thing is Mercedes and BMW have plenty of factories in the US. BMW has one in South Carolina for example. That facility exports 70% of the cars manufactured there. It’s a complex world isn’t it? The supply chain in the automobile industry is global. Cars are assembled at one spot but the components come from all over the globe. The cars are also designed and engineered all over the globe. The value chain is, as such, more complicated than “made (by Trump supporters) in the US.” The BMWs and Mercedes Orange Orangutan Trump probably saw from his indebted office in New York could just as easily been manufactured in America, but it depends on the model. Kids, what have we learned? It’s a bad idea to base your understanding on what cars you happen to see out of your window. Read a book instead. And take pride in knowing more than your ignorant president.

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