Excerpt from “Intensifying Hearts & Dreams” – season 17, episode 30


On-screen text: Previously on Intensifying Hearts & Dreams…


And we are back, after a shocking midseason finale and an extended election break! While the TV audience is still stuck in FRANK‘s recently vacated, green-grey dream, let’s take a look at what’s been going on in the story proper.

– DADDY’s estranged wife, MONIQUE “NICKY” WILKINSON returned unexpectedly with a dastardly plot to take over the Club, as well as a deadly, glamorous secret!

FRANK has entered into a shaky allegiance with Big Lord God, gambling his integrity for another chance to finish the project, this time with the cosmic assistance of the Mental Travelling Monastery!

– The Gastronomy Institute is being audited, horror of horrors! DR. ADAMSON’s invaluable services to the Club become more and more intermittent as he is accosted by the governmental wiles and delicious sexual tension of POLLYANNA CRANE, tax examiner and dangerous lover extraordinaire!

– MADAME MORGANNA is still playing her cards close to her chest, trying to keep a foot in each camp, while revealing nothing. She has plotted secretly with the heroic PAULETTE and is hot on the heels of the criminal organisation MYSTERY MASK! But trouble is brewing as PAULETTE may have gotten emotionally involved with her prey, THE MAYOR, owing to the whims of her capricious, female mind!

– SALINA “THE ROOSTER” RASKOVA will henceforth be played by Ann-Kristin “The Crystal Devil” Jackson. Try to pretend nothing’s happened! She suspects her husband, ANGÉL GABRIÉL, of having an affair with MONICA! And the baybee is still not house-trained!

– The true intentions of PAULETTE are still unknown. She is letting herself be used as a tool by both MADAME MORGANNA, THE MAYOR and FRANK himself, although she currently lets FRANK believe her feelings for THE MAYOR are genuine. Her uncle, PASTOR JING, may also have entered the game with his own money – is it possible that his dramatic ways and inscrutable theology are masking a hidden intention to betray FRANK??? Holy shit! Let’s view the next episode now and find out!!!


Int: SALINA and ANGÉL’s luxury apartment

SALINA is tending to the baybee while ANGÉL is on the phone with DR. ADAMSON.


Yes, I know. No, I know. Listen, I- Yeah. Look, DOCTOR, you don’t need to explain it to me, I know this is a major crisis. Okay, major series of interconnected crises. Christ you are a stickler.


The baybee howls and urinates on the floor.


Oh, bother. Stupid baybee!



No, I know. Listen, a domestic situation has arisen. I need to help out with the blasted baybee. Can you just give me my orders so we can move ahead already? …What?! There are no instructions at all?


DR. ADAMSON shouts in a rage and we can hear his voice from the landline reciever.

DR. ADAMSON (on phone)

No there aren’t any stinking, maggot-infested orders or plans! I’m swamped here – it’s taxes, get it?! You’re going to have to face the fact that you’ll need to think for yourself for once in your pathetic, yes-man, “perfecly adequate” life!! Get yourself to the fucking Club, sit down at your fucking desk, pick up a fucking paper, write the following headline with a fucking pen: How to deal with the situation re: DADDY’s shambolic fucking wife – a memo from ANGÉL GABRIÉL, waste of useful human organs to ANGÉL GABRIÉL, manchild sycophant extraordinaire!!! And then you get to work and do it! I’m not going to be much use to Leader if my organisation goes down in flames, so I’m sure you’ll excuse me if I expect you to go above and beyond for once – above and beyond DOING NOTHING FOR THIS OPERATION AND BEING A POINTLESS PILE OF RIGMAROLE!!! That’s me signing off.


Hang-up click from the phone.


Fuck me. This is a mess, babe… I’ve never taken the lead on clean-up of this magnitude before.



It sounds like the DOCTOR is a wee bit stressed out. But look on the bright side, dear… this could be your chance to elevate your position somewhat. Think of how impressed DADDY and FRANK will be if you successfully deal with this! I certainly don’t see PASTOR JING coming out of his cave and doing anything. Let’s take this chance and put our family in the top bracket at last!



And how exactly do I do that, babe? Can you leverage your experience as a sports journalist to crack this case?



I don’t know about that, but maybe we could find a use for our old friend MARCIA at last!



MARCIA WILKINSON, the boss’s beautiful daughter and Doomtown’s most famous mentally ill person?



Right! As you know, her thought processes have been fluctuating in and out of Indigospace ever since she was betrayed by her lover, the long-dead PJALTUR, with any number of different women, all during the terrible accident at the Gastronomy Institute a few months ago.



After all, we alone know the truth about that “accident”. If you’ll recall, that entire shambles was simply a smokescreen to divert attention from the real atrocity going on at the Club! That was the beginning, wasn’t it, the test case for the later catastrophe at the Club, which was meant to finally end the project and bring about our Leader’s new age.



Yes, we are both well aware of how troublesome it would be if it got out that the sacrifice of many children to one of our rural demigods was nothing more than a distraction from the even more terrible events being carried out at the same time under FRANK‘s own hand!



These are all things you and I are well aware of, but how does this help us deal with NICKY, DADDY’s angry, very rich and unreasonable wife? And where does MAR enter into it?



Well, I assume that MARCIA is also NICKY’s daughter… they have been married for a long time, right? We can use MARCIA’s terrible state to distract her mother from trying to meddle in DADDY’s affairs. We’d have to do it by subterfuge, though, as DADDY still dotes on his malfunctioning daughter.



Goodness, babe, this might be our most intelligent idea yet! Three cheers!


Hold camera on the both of them for an uncomfortably long time as they imbibe the expensive cognaq looking intensely into each other’s eyes and the baybee lies forgotten on the floor.

Int: Mme M’s Salon

MADAME MORGANNA is speaking on the phone with PAULETTE. MARCIA is slowly spinning on an office chair in the background, making a monotonous noise.


I know, dear. Oh, I am well aware. Most definitely, dear. If I could just- Yes, but you see- Dear, please let me finish. I know you have plenty to think about, but I must now tell you that I have lost track of PASTOR JING.






I simply don’t know where the man has run off to. He’s not at the Club, he’s certainly not at the Institute… Could you please make a subtle inquiry with THE MAYOR? Yes, I know you are walking on the edge of a razorblade here. Certainly you must be careful. But if you could at least mention his name, dear, and see if THE MAYOR reacts at all? Honestly, if the PASTOR has gone rogue all of a sudden, it could be a most troublesome situation.


MADAME MORGANNA listens intently to something PAULETTE is saying. Her eyes widen.


So that is your theory?? You don’t say? My goodness, that is a bitter pill to swallow. It begins to beggar belief, the events that have started to be taking place in our town. I’ll have to work on some kind of plan, but first I need to digest this shocking new turn of events in the company of an expensive drink, dear. We shall speak soon. Call me when you are at The Crevice, and take care! It’s surely not worth risking your young life for whatever is at the end of this riddlesome tunnel. Au revoir, dear child!


MADAME MORGANNA puts the phone down. She shakes her head and shudders with unfathomable ponderings. Meanwhile, one of her tame peacocks strides into the room.





I don’t know if I can keep doing this, MARCIA. I have always felt like I can keep on top of things by enveloping myself in a protective, effervescent shawl of glamour and delight, but now I feel as if things are slipping away from me. There are so many things which need to be sorted out before FRANK returns… Otherwise, he might succeed in his aims, and if that came to pass…


She shudders again. MARCIA is absentmindedly stroking the bird.


Hub… Blub… Burdy… What is it FRANK wants to do?



Oh, sweet girl, if only you could know, if only you could… Comprehend! Ah how I have wished to finally have a true confidante, one who needs not be charmed and handled at every junction. Yes, why wouldn’t you be the perfect candidate?


She looks at MARCIA quite like she’s never seen her before.


You could truly be trusted with any secret information, couldn’t you? Even if you were to repeat something, it would be dismissed as the ramblings of your faulty mind. Very well, desicion has been taken. You are now my true confidante!






The truth is that FRANK‘s plans go beyond Big Business, High Finance and even City Planning. The few people who describe his plots as “reality-altering” believe they are being sarcastic or using coded language to represent something else, but the truth is more literally inclined! I even know or suspect the underlying reason for his metaphysical intriguineering. You see, FRANK has beennnunionon  ö n nö n ner jerwo ow kowk owriwofi jeofijw eijgjöerioorjhoriej bfjibj vb dfijb r0tgb0ert89hw0uh tto restore his l03g393k+q9gg9kgkgk 493                     ge                                                             t3                    3t              et                       4t                        t3                    3t              et                       4t                        t3                    3t              et                       4t                        t3                    3t              et                       4t                        t3                    3t              et                       4t                        t3                    3t              et                       4t                        t3                    3t              et                       4t                        t3                    3t              et           Llama Manhhhhhhhatta11n          Ouno  4t                        t3                    3t              et                       4t                        t3                    3t              et                       4t               45h h45 k67         t3                    3t              et                       4t                Cheese in the rain glglglglgllrödlzlnfnfn            3t              et                       4t                        t3                    3t              et          tet             4t                        t3                    3t              et        48579374598374958349859734712893+97+95+9+567                4t                        t3                    3t              et                       4t                        t45ynj5n3         erh           3t              et                       4t                        t8598598598598598598598598598593                    3t              et         fgn              4t                        t3                    3t              et                       4tv                        t3                    3t              et                       4t                        t3                    3t              et       V4MP1R3B4TS                4t                        t3                    3t              efgmt                     74958349859734712  4t                        t3                    3t              et                       4t                        t3                    3t              et                       4t                        t3                  because FRANK is  3t              et                       4t                        t3                                        4t                        t4                      4t                        t4                      4t                        t4  3t              et                       4t           Jöjdjduskskdke             t3                    3t              et                       4t                        t3                    3t              et                       4t                        t3                    3t nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnNot so fast, MORGANNA. Your soliloquy ends here. No secret information or premature revelations at this time. I am onto you, always watching.

As for you,
all I can say is

watch yourself.



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